Jaipur: The State Pneumoconiosis Board, which should have dealt with deadly silicosis disease prevalent among the mine workers in Rajasthan, is lying defunct ever since its inception in 2004.
More importantly the state which has been claiming to spend a whopping sum of Rs12 crore on cure of Silicosis does not even have trained doctors to treat the disease as per the protocol of International Labour Organisation.
Records show that large sums are being disbursed for treatment but in the areas where there are no patients as per the government documents.
A recent reply received from the office of chief medical and health officer in Bhilwara clearly stated that in Bhilwara there is no doctor who can treat this disease.
Banswara too faces a similar situation and there is no doctor trained to diagnose this disease. While another record shows that over 12 lakh were spent on medicines while there are no patients in Banswara as per the same record received through a RTI.
An estimate shows that there are over 25 lakh workers in this sector which includes children and widows and it is being alleged that the fund is also lying unutilised for want of members in Pneumoconiosis Board.