(LEFT): One of the coal mining tunnels through which miners can eventually go down 400 feet even. (CENTRE): Water bodies in the mining areas get rapidly destroyed due to Acid Mine Drainage, which refers to the out flow of acidic water from coal mines. (RIGHT): Mining leads to active deforestation, notes a recent report. (Photo courtesy: Green Theology students of Clark Theological College)
Primitive methods of coal mining leading to environmental and social pollution
Mokokchung, December 13 (MExN): In the coal mines of Mokokchung district, miners go down to 400 feet deep tunnels with one safety tool: a candle. The dim flame is an indicator to cracks inside the mine; a crack would mean collapse of the entire tunnel burying everyone inside.
“The system of coal mining still remains quite primitive with no support and use of modern technology or implements,” says a recent report prepared by the final year student of the Green Theology class from Clark Theological College. 16 students of the class, accompanied by two instructors, surveyed a coal mining area in Mokokchung district. See more