JAIPUR: Sixty-six-year-old Baburam of Meghwalo ki Dhani in Dehra village in Balesar tehsil of Jodhpur had been certified as a patient of silicosis in August this year. When Rana Sengupta of Mine Labourers’ Protection Campaign (MLPC) met him in early October, he could barely breathe. However, he had not yet received the Rs1 lakh that the state government has been offering as “relief” to patients of silicosis since 2013. He died on Saturday, still waiting in hope of aid from the

Baburam’s two daughters are married. The widower leaves behind two sons too, one 25 and the other only 14 years old. His older son Suaram said his father had been examined by the Pneumoconiosis Board at Jodhpur on January 13 this year. It was months before the Board issued a certificate on August 2, indicating that he was indeed afflicted with silicosis. Read more

Courtesy: The Time of India