India and European Union (EU) have entered into a Joint Action Plan to have a policy dialogue and cooperation in the fields of employment and social policy to share experience, periodic exchange of views and information on the following issues:-

  • Labour and employment issues, including employment policies, restructuring, the global employment opportunities and requirements for trained manpower;
  • Human resource management in particular through training and skills development; and
  • Social Security.

In line with the Joint Action Plan, the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India has signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the European Commission to strengthen dialogue and exchange of views and information on issues of common interests within the area of employment and social policy such as: skills, training and employment, social security, occupational health and safety; workers’ participation in management; and other relevant issues jointly identified. The structured dialogue consists of exchanges of experience, best practice, views and information on topics of common interest, trends and policy developments related to the above areas. As a part of this structured dialogue, it has been agreed upon to organize a joint seminar on mutually identified issues every year. These seminars will bring together EU and India government experts, social partner representatives, academic experts and other relevant stakeholders to exchange views, information, experience and best practice on topics of common interest. So far, we have had four seminars – New Delhi (2006), Lisbon, Portugal (2007), New Delhi (2008) and Brussels (2010).

The Fifth India-EU Seminar on Employment and Social Policy was organised in New Delhi on 19-20 September, 2011. The main theme of the Seminar was `Occupational Safety & Health’’. The seminar consisted of the following thematic sessions:-

  • Introductory Session : “Overview of OSH Institutional Framework in India and the European Union”
  • Working Session-I : “Effective Approach in Practical Risk Analysis and Risk Management”
  • Working Session-II : “Topical Issues in Occupational Health Management”

The seminar was preceded by Tripartite Exchange Programme (TEP) on `Occupational Safety & Health’’ for the EU tripartite delegation from 14-16 September, 2011. Under the TEP, the EC tripartite delegation visited various places at Mumbai, Goa and Delhi.

Eminent experts of India and European Union from the related fields shared their ideas and experiences with delegates drawn from Governments, Trade Unions and Employers.  Read more